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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss - How She Lost Over 60 Pounds?

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

According to Rebel Wilson, her weight loss secret can be summed up in one word: dancing! The actress and comedian have lost over 60 pounds since January of 2014 and she swears her newfound love of dance is the reason why. I always felt so much happier when I was dancing, says Wilson, and now I do it all the time. I never thought in a million years that I would be doing it as often as I am now.

Rebel Wilson

The Diet

Rebel Wilson may have just lost out on a role in Pitch Perfect 3, but it sounds like she didn't lose her sense of humor. In an Instagram post today, Rebel teased that she's had to put off her goal of weight loss (she once said she wanted to lose 60 pounds by age 33) after an annoying health condition has prevented her from staying at a healthy weight. Wilson also revealed that despite being 5'10 and 170 pounds this morning, doctors told her that at 5'4 my BMI would be around 29.4, which is almost in the obese range.

The star plans to resume healthy living as soon as possible, but it looks like the 30-year-old still has more work ahead of her before the perfect figure goal is achieved. Last week I hit the 137lb mark but sadly now with this disease I'm gaining weight faster than I can lose it, Wilson wrote. I'm doing everything I can, including following a keto diet.

My one toughie will always be carbs. They're everywhere, even things you wouldn't expect like guacamole or hummus. But I also make healthier choices, such as apple slices dipped in almond butter or cooked turkey breast instead of chips.

It's not all easy but life is worth it! I know I'll get there eventually. Wilson's message comes a few weeks after news broke that the Australian actress was battling endometriosis, a chronic disorder where tissue that usually lines the uterus grows outside of it.

The Results

With the help of exercise and a healthy diet, Rebel Wilson lost over 60 pounds. Though she didn't always want to give up fried foods, she stuck with her goals until they became habits and now only eats fried chicken when she's out with friends. One of her most important rules is to always eat breakfast because it gives her energy for the day ahead.

I'm pretty much a cereal girl, just something healthy, she told People magazine in October 2015. After dropping the weight Rebel decided to create a book about how to live a healthier lifestyle that is filled with tips on staying motivated and useful guidelines for each part of your day so that you can achieve your goals too! 

With a lot of hard work and determination, Rebel Wilson accomplished her goals. Because she struggled with her weight most of her life she knows that losing weight is not an easy task but if you stick to it and make healthy choices it is possible.

To start losing weight, two steps need to be taken first, you have to become aware of your bad habits, and second get started with a healthy diet and start exercising. Sticking with a diet for any amount of time can be difficult so for Rebel to stay motivated she made sure that she was enjoying what she was eating as well as staying active every day.

What We Can Learn From Her Journey

Rebel Wilson is a comedic actress and producer, who originally rose to fame as the lead in the 2011 film Bridesmaids. But most people are aware of her for her weight loss after showing up at a 2012 awards show looking like a completely different person. After this weight-loss transformation, she's been focusing on becoming a more healthy role model for others who might be struggling with their weight issues.

So how did she do it? Well, she first turned to her old friend's fries for comfort but then found an online program that created easy meal plans tailored to her tastes. In just six months, she lost over 60 pounds.

One important thing to note about her story is that you can't just starve yourself and hope that all your extra pounds will melt away! You need to make smarter choices when you're trying to lose weight so that you don't risk depriving your body of essential nutrients. And even though there were many moments where she felt like giving up, eventually she saw the results of her hard work pay off by turning into a healthier person overall.

The year 2020 is the "year of health" for Rebel Wilson

In 2011, Rebel signed up for the Jenny Craig weight loss program and started living a healthy lifestyle. After just 12 months she was down to a size 10 from a size 16 and managed to lose over 60 pounds. In 2013, her body shape was considered that of a 'regular girl. As of July 2018, Rebel has lost an additional 70 pounds, and in 2020 she considers this year "a year of health".

You can also find Rebel on social media, she's got 3 million followers on Instagram and often shares pictures and videos from her life with her fans.

Final Thoughts

In the past, Rebel has attributed her weight to partying too hard and overindulging. As she was settling into her new lifestyle and figuring out what she wanted for herself, Rebel realized she just couldn't keep up with the same lifestyle that brought on her weight gain in the first place.

It took me a couple of years to get to a point where I would say, 'I'm at a good place in my life now,' says Rebel. I'm happy in my skin. My body is working for me rather than against me. And now I feel so much more confident and powerful because of it. 

She's been using walking as an exercise - not just because it's cheap, but also because it's calming and something she can do by herself when needed. 

And if you're interested in losing weight yourself, know this: You don't have to be perfect to succeed, just find your goal, whatever works best for you and work toward it every day.


Overall, if you are looking for a way to lose weight like Rebel Wilson, then dieting is the way to go. It's best to create your diet plan. Just because someone else created one does not mean it will work for you. A good starting point would be low carb or keto diets where you can focus on healthy fats such as avocado, and eggs while reducing sugar intake. Although dieting is hard to maintain, it will get easier over time and be worth the weight loss once you get there.

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