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John Goodman Weight Loss : How He Did It?

John Goodman Weight Loss

John Goodman has been working hard to get in shape to star in the upcoming film, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and he definitely has his results to show for it! But how did he do it? We look into John Goodman weight loss to find out how exactly he slimmed down so quickly!

John Goodman Weight Loss

I Ate Big

Actor John Goodman has lost more than 50 pounds over the last year. Here's how he did it...

John's weight loss journey began when he discovered that he was a producer of unhealthy foods and needed to break the cycle. He started by reading The End of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler, which helped him understand his emotional attachment to food. Then, in early December 2012, John made a plan to lose 15 pounds (7 kg) and eat healthier at home and away from home on long-haul flights. Within one month of his diet, he had already lost 10 pounds (4 kg) with dramatic improvement in both his physical and mental health.

What works for him? He now lives mostly vegan with occasional indulgences, usually involving cheese or alcohol. He exercises regularly and tries to get eight hours of sleep each night. His new lifestyle is less about deprivation and more about choices, finding the balance between what you want to do and what you need to do.

I Walked Everywhere

To address the former, we need to look at one of the main aspects that contribute to weight gain, sugar. I reduced my sugar intake and started experimenting with different sweeteners. I have read that Xylitol is great for weight loss because it doesn't spike your blood sugar levels as other sugar substitutes do, so I tried using this instead of sugar in my tea and on fruit. I've also been adding cinnamon to things because research has shown that it improves insulin sensitivity, which may result in better blood sugar control over time. 

I was aware of what amounts were healthy but wasn't following a concrete diet plan and found myself constantly shoving sweet things into my mouth mindlessly during work and while on the couch at night. So I started keeping a journal of everything I ate to track how much I was eating versus how much dec or old lbs lost/gained.

But as far as exercise goes, I walked everywhere! For example, if I was going somewhere within walking distance, whether it be down the street to get groceries or across town to meet up with friends, I  would walk there instead of driving. And when I did drive somewhere farther away than usual, rather than use Uber or Lyft (which are notorious for making people lazier about their fitness), I took public transportation! My car stays parked most days now, but before I sold it, I drove only to and from work. 

The point is that you don't need a gym membership or fancy equipment to lose weight, you just need to make healthier choices where you can and move more.

I Reduced my Sugar Intake  

Sugar has been linked to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. And in most people, it can be the most fattening food around. Sugar-laden foods include popular staples like bread, desserts, chips, and soda as well as ice cream and candy bars. According to a study from the National Institute of Health, sugar triggers biochemical changes in the body that promote fat storage.

In his battle with weight loss, John reduced sugar intake by switching to diet soft drinks and reducing his intake of refined sugars found in cookies or doughnuts. The results are telling; he lost 50 pounds so far! The book also includes recipes for healthy eating, along with advice on ways to keep those pounds off once you lose them.

I Started Eating Vegetables

Whenever I had cravings for fried food, I started eating vegetables. This may sound counterintuitive because some people think that vegetables are too bland to satisfy cravings for more hearty fare. What happened, though, was the opposite of what one might expect: Vegetables helped me break the cycle of temptation.

In the past, when I craved fried food, like chicken nuggets or french fries, I would indulge the craving and eat a plateful of such things. Now when I'm tempted by these foods, or anything else unhealthy, I make a trade.

What's on my plate? Broccoli and zucchini. Sometimes I toss in eggplant and mushrooms as well. The end result is a really delicious dish that not only satisfies my craving but also leaves me feeling better about myself afterward.

If it's been a while since you've eaten vegetables, it's time to start again! The cookies actually taste pretty good.

I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Although it's not clear whether or not John cut down on alcohol, I noticed he lost weight while drinking. Sugar and calories are found in alcohol. One night after a heavy dinner, if you have something to drink with it, that could be as many as 500 calories. While some alcohol (i.e., red wine) has healthy properties, there are usually other factors that led to John's weight loss. He probably was more conscious about what he was eating and reduced his sugar intake too.

John also credits his wife for the weight loss. I'm lucky because my wife doesn't let me get away with anything, he said in an interview with PEOPLE magazine in 2012. If she catches me cheating, she'll kill me. She knows everything I eat. She's put together a menu plan every day of what we're going to eat. But he really loves cooking so much, even though they don't do any formal exercise together they will often go outside and garden together or take walks through their neighborhood. After one such walk, he would come home and try out her new recipe on the family!


John Goodman is Hollywood’s newest example of weight loss success. From the outside, it may look like he just signed up for a fancy gym or started a meal plan service and lost weight in an instant. That couldn't be further from the truth.

The journey to weight loss, health, and happiness has been hard for John Goodman and anyone else who wants to make healthy lifestyle changes, but he is proof that it can be done with patience and determination.

If you are struggling with your weight and don’t know where to start, take John Goodman as inspiration because even someone as famous as him had to deal with the same difficulties you are facing now, he just found his own way out of them!

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