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Adele Weight Loss-How She Did It?

Adele Weight Loss

Writing songs about heartbreak and broken relationships has been Adele’s bread and butter for years, but lately, she’s been writing about something else that hits a little closer to home: Adele weight loss and diet tips! In an interview with Vogue magazine, the superstar singer opened up about her struggle with weight loss and even shared some of her diet secrets with the world. The article has gone viral online, with the help of Adele’s fans who are thrilled to hear about their idol’s journey to better health.


The Importance of Exercise

Recently, British singer Adele revealed that she lost 25 pounds and is currently on a weight loss plan. She has always struggled with her weight, losing many pounds at a time and then quickly regaining them, but after her latest album hit the number one spot on UK charts and American charts, she felt as though this may be the final time to make herself lighter.

She credits the Sirtfood diet for her success so far, calling it the secret ingredient to a million-pound lifestyle. Dietitians warn that we should never abandon exercise for another diet craze but Adele does not seem to be having any problems sticking to Sirtfood. A spokeswoman for the company said Sirtfoods are a delicious way of eating more healthily without feeling like you're missing out. 

The 35-year-old also shared some of her favorite recipes including berry muffins, carrot cakes, and avocado brownies which can be found on their website. If you're trying to lose weight there's no harm in giving these treats a try.

Diet Changes

The first thing Adele says she cut out from her diet is processed food. She also swapped her tea and coffee for herbal teas and juices. Instead of going for big meals, she would eat five or six smaller ones throughout the day to keep her energy levels up. She used a lot of soy sauce to add flavor to dishes that were bland without it. 

The changes in her body came gradually, with more weight lost around Christmas than at any other time. The singer started paying attention to how people were responding to her change in shape, which made it easier for her to lose weight once people started noticing that she was changing herself.

I had been trying to get my weight down since I was about 20 years old, so I had done all kinds of crazy things like eating only one grapefruit for breakfast for three months, she said. It's nice when you work hard on something and you can see it pay off.

The Right Support

This is a pretty specific question, so I'm going to make a few general suggestions. First of all, it's important to understand what led you to want to change your habits in the first place. Was there an event? Maybe you saw an unflattering photo and decided it was time for some change. 

Maybe you felt like your eating habits were affecting other areas of your life, work performance, school performance, or relationships with loved ones. The process can be difficult, but before diving in head-first, try getting into the mental mindset that we call self-compassion. 

Self-compassion means understanding our natural human flaws and frailties and learning how to work with them, not trying to avoid them or berate ourselves for them. We don't need to feel guilty about wanting things; we just need to learn how to keep those wants from turning into needs.

And finally, when things get tough, take a break. There are many ways that people have found help with their weight loss journey, talking with friends and family members about their struggles, watching motivational videos on YouTube, and listening to podcasts while they're working out, so find something that works for you!

Ignore the critics

Did Adele lose all that weight in 6 months? Nope. But when it comes to shedding the pounds, we know it doesn't matter how much time you have, just as long as you do it the right way. The bottom line is this, if weight loss is your goal, you will reach your goal. For Adele, she got there by being steadfast and determined; so buckle up, watch this space for all the latest and greatest weight loss news. 

Critics argue otherwise, but some people think Adele didn’t shed her weight effectively enough to be a credible weight loss inspiration. Whatever they say won’t change the fact that Adele has something important to say about losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle even with crazy schedules.

Now more than ever we need role models like her who can inspire us through their triumphs and struggles alike, plus she looks amazing! No one said it was easy, so don’t let yourself get down if you haven't reached your goals yet or if life gets in the way of your plan now and then, look at her shining example! And who knows?

Improved her mental health

Around the time her first album came out, Adele struggled with eating disorders and some self-image issues. The years following her divorce brought a fresh wave of insecurity, and anxiety, she was eager to lose weight to stop the world from revolving around her. In 2013, Adele reported that she lost a significant amount of weight through a new high-protein diet and personal training regimen, with no mention of any other lifestyle changes. 

Weight loss on its own is not always sustainable, but it did help pave the way for Adele to find peace in herself. I'm just really happy, she said. And I finally feel like I've got my s--t together. Not that it matters what anyone else thinks.

In this last year, Adele has been lauded as a style icon who doesn't give two hoots about celebrity culture and conformist beauty standards. Her newfound strength doesn't come from any outward physical transformation but instead from an inner sense of knowing who she is both as an artist and as a woman.

With this newfound confidence comes renewed health habits; after living with diabetes for 10 years without a diagnosis, Adele now sticks to meal plans, eats healthy food in moderation, drinks water instead of Diet Coke (a habit from her past), works out at least three times per week, sleeps seven hours per night...and continues losing weight!

My Body Is My Business

I'm an instructor and fitness trainer from London. Adele is one of my favorite singers and I have been following her weight loss progress with a lot of interest. Earlier this year, she looked fantastic at the Grammys and had said she had lost 25lbs since her last visit to see me in 2014, so I was looking forward to meeting her again this week at our meeting place in Chelsea, Harrods.

To be honest I was expecting it would be tough for Adele to lose much more than that weight since it usually takes 12 months or longer to get into great shape after having a baby. I know because my two children are five years apart and it took me well over a year before I felt comfortable with myself physically again. But she has done amazingly well! In just six months, she has gone from a size 16/18 to a size 8/10 and is happy with herself.

Tips for Making Small Changes

If you want to make a healthier change in your life, start by making one small change. Even if that seems daunting or doesn't feel like it's enough, giving up a bad habit, even temporarily, can have an enormous impact on your success. Start by thinking about what you're already doing that has led to this problem:

  • Are you consuming unhealthy foods? If so, cut them out of your diet and find healthy replacements.
  • Are you moving less than usual? Time to go for a walk or add more exercise into your day.
  • Are you staying up late every night? Sleep earlier and get up earlier. Research has shown that those who sleep more live longer and are happier overall.
And when you take care of yourself, others are likely to take care of you. Your family will appreciate the time they spend with you because they know that they'll have quality time with someone they love! The people around you will also be motivated to do better because they know that their actions affect those around them and their loved ones. Don't underestimate the power of small changes.


It's been five years since Adele hit the weight loss scene, and her insane transformation is still going strong. Diet and exercise are keys to success, but it's never as simple as just eating this or you'll be fine if you work out enough. What does seem to make a difference, though, is having support. Adele has an incredible team of professionals around her who help her every step of the way. This is your big break with someone watching your back, take advantage of it!

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