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Relationship breakdown

 Family breakdown, effects, causes, and methods of treatment

When a family breakdown occurs, the effects on the children involved are many and will last a lifetime. Family breakdown affects us all, those directly involved and indirectly affected, too. While there is no doubt that divorce can cause upset, frustration, and confusion for children, in more extreme cases it can be devastating to their mental health.

Relationship breakdown

Problems of the breakdown of the family

The breakdown or imbalance in the behavior of the family, and can be considered one of the most serious social problems, as it affects the society as a whole, and there are many patterns to it, Including partial family breakdown that results from the separation of parents from each other, a total family breakdown that results from the death of one of the parents, psychological breakdown, in addition to social breakdown, and this article we will talk about its effects, causes, and methods of treatment.

The effects of family breakdown on children

Lack of sense of belonging to the family:

Family disintegration leads to the child’s lack of a sense of belonging to the family, as he is not affected by sorrows or diseases that afflict them, and can become stubborn and aggressive, and thus tends to permanently sabotage and destroy.

Lack of self-confidence: 

the child becomes excessively sensitive, loses his self-confidence, and thus becomes introverted and selfish, and does not bear responsibility, in addition, he looks at others with malice, thinking that everyone is better and better than him.

Sexual or material exploitation:

The son feels ostracized by others and becomes prey to others, who can exploit him sexually or financially.

The feeling of sadness:

The child can suffer from many psychological diseases, which turn into serious diseases such as depression. 

The effects of family breakdown on children

The reasons for the breakdown of the family:

  • The breakdown is the emotional void in the children, due to the mother’s or father’s preoccupation with work without realizing and paying attention to the importance of their presence in their lives. 
  • Divorce is one of the most important causes of the family's integration, as it causes children to be scattered between mother and father.

How to treat family disintegration?

  • The necessity of the interdependence of the relationship between mother and father.
  • Solve problems between spouses away from children.
  • Listening to children and talking to them about their problems and privacy, to find solutions to them.
  • Motivating children to be good role models. 
  • Teaching children the importance of the family, the importance of cooperation, and empathy in it.
  • Hold children accountable when an error occurs, while avoiding beatings. 
  • Directing and advising children to choose good friends, and to stay away from bad friends.
  • Teaching children the necessity of kinship ties.

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